Automate Your Client Follow Ups With Drip Campaign

Keeping in constant contact with leads, prospects and customers is very important if you don’t want them to forget about you. After the initial conversation, following up with them will let you provide vital information that can help you make a sale.

But following up is not an easy task, especially when you have more than a handful of clients. With hundreds of customers to contact on a daily basis, following up can become cumbersome, confusing and frankly very difficult. Missing out on opportunities of emailing the prospects or a delay in calling them can also cost you immensely.

This is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help businesses in making following up with customers and leads a much simpler and effective task. CRM softwares have a very important feature called Email Automation that allows companies to automate their email for a timely and effective way of communication.

You just have to set it and forget it! In fact, with a Drip Campaign email automation can become even more effective. Drip email campaigns are a marketing strategy that uses pre-written messages that are emailed or “dripped” over particular gaps of time with a CRM software that automates the sending process, eliminating the need to manually remember to email each customer.

How is a drip campaign more beneficial?

According to a survey by Smart Touch Interactive, drip campaigns have far more benefits than single email sends.

  • Open rates for drip campaign are around 80% higher than single email sends.

“Over the survey period, the companies whose email was included in the data set were found to have an average single open rate of 19.15%, with the top 25% of all emails achieving 27.45%, and the bottom 25% managing 14.8%. In comparison with these figures, the drip campaigns achieved an average single open rate of 32.85%, with the top 25% of all emails obtaining 49.75%, and even the bottom 25% receiving 28.3%.”

  • A drip campaign has an average click through rate that is 3 times higher than single email sends.

“The conversion benefit is seen in the similar analysis of the resultant click through rate. The average single click through rate of the single sends was 3.0%, with the top 25% of all emails receiving 8.55%, and the bottom 25% only able to garner 0.3%. In comparison with these figures, the drip campaigns resulted in an average single click through rate of 10.05%, with the top 25% of all emails soaring to 27.35%, and the bottom 25% dropping down to 0.5%.”

Strategic points of an effective drip campaign strategy

For any drip campaign to be successful, there are some important points that will help in making it more effective:

1. Keep a certain amount of space between your drips

Ensure that you leave a certain amount of time between each automated email, as too much too soon can be a lot to handle for your prospect. Sending out emails in a timely manner that is not too aggressive, nor too lax, is a good idea.

2. Use one drip campaign at a time

As automation can makes ending out emails a much simpler task, many companies start sending out multiple campaigns at the same time. This can be too overwhelming for the customer. Instead, send out one drip campaign at a time, so that that the customer can easily understand the information you want them too, without getting confused.

3. Keep the communication engaging

The content that is sent out in the emails should not be like a sales pitch, but instead should be informative and engaging, providing the readers with something useful that they need and not just information about your company and products.

4. Keep a time limit on the drip campaign

Each campaign shouldn’t cross a certain limit of drips or else it will be stretched too long. As a rule, keep each campaign about 30 drips long so that it gives enough time to the customer to become receptive to your sales approaches and not get fed up with your persistence.

Using these tips can help you make a more effective drip campaign. They are extremely useful and are a powerful way to uplift any company’s email marketing metrics and enhance the entire bottom line!

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