Benefits Of Using A Mobile CRM

Using the right CRM system for your company can greatly help in boosting sales and increasing customer retention. But as the world shifts from using laptops and PCs to mobiles and tablets, companies should think of taking advantage of this mobile CRM functionality as well.

According to a study, the percentage of Internet traffic directed from smartphones and tablets has grown from 1% in 2009 to 13% in 2013, and it will keep growing.

But the benefits of using a CRM system on the mobile don’t just end there. As more and more sales reps are working in the field instead of on desk jobs at the office, having this platform easily available to them at any given time can be very important.

There is no more “I will get to the office and find the information you need.” Or “I will email you tomorrow when I am in office.” Everything needs to be done now and done fast. And Mobile CRM can help you with that and much more!

Easy access to information at any time

Earlier, being away from your desk meant a complete blackout of information, but with Mobile CRM sales reps can have all the information they need right at their fingertips. This immediate access to vital information can not only speed up the work process but also make it easier for reps to follow up with their customers since they will have all account information, transition history, purchase orders, etc. available to them at all times.

Collecting information is also simpler as updating details on the mobile will require fewer steps and can be done anywhere in a timely manner.

Increased sales

According to a research by Innoppl Technologies, “ 65% of sales reps who work at companies that have adopted a mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas as opposed to just 22% of reps from non-Mobile CRM enabled companies.”

With all the important information about their leads and customers already available to them on their phone, it will take sales reps a reduced amount of time to makes sales and the flexibility of using a mobile CRM just adds to the simplicity.

Faster planning and collaboration

As the amount of time taken to complete processes is reduced, planning can be done quicker. Sales reps can initiate the sale proceeding as soon as the customer gives a positive reply, as they wouldn’t need to wait to get to the office to do so.

Collaboration among the employees at the office is also increased, as by just updating the status of the process on the CRM platform, the whole office will receive the information and everyone knows where they stand, thus making it quicker to get to the next step of the sale.

Better information insight

With multiple people working on the same sales pipeline, there is bound to be confusion and mismanagement with the information overload. But with a mobile CRM, the employees can easily filter their desired information and only see what is important for their job.

So, a sales manager can directly find information like real time sales reports on reps that are working in the field, or a sales rep calling prospects can pull information about them using the integrated social media features.

Contact management and notifications

With a history of all your customers on your smartphone, managing contacts is very easy. You can find information about them within seconds and also ensure that you are ready before you meet the customer.

With additional features like calendar integration and reminders, sales reps can be notified on the go about up coming follow ups, meetings and important interactions.

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