Alertforce Sales Automation will empower Sales Managers to efficiently control, manage, and monitor their Sales team's activities through revenue forecasting, pipeline tracking, contact management and lead tracking, administration and analytics.

A successful company understands how to manage and make the most of its sales opportunities while they're still in the pipeline. But in order to do that, sales people need a detailed record for each opportunity.

Creating this detailed record has traditionally been a tedious process for sales representatives, often involving hours of time-consuming data entry and re-entry into multiple systems. With a single, powerful data repository, Alertforce Sales Force Automation eliminates redundant data entry and saves time. Sales representatives now have key data at their fingertips-such as appointments, contacts, details of previous meetings, and categories of products and services that are ideal for a given customer-enabling them to make the sales that make you profitable.

Lead Management
  • Lead capture from various sources and marketing campaigns - Capture leads from Email and SMS too.
  • Bulk import of leads
  • Automated lead capture from multiple web sites
  • Rules based lead assignment and distribution
  • Lead data deduping
  • Automatically link new leads to existing account
Sales Pipeline Management
  • Pipeline analysis dashboard with views for pipeline value and expected order values, break up by stage, segments, pipeline velocity etc.,
  • Opportunity assessment / Coverage Status across the stages
  • Automatic sales pipeline value calculation based on the stage, weighed probabilities
  • Sales loss analysis, with failure stage identification
  • Capture the key customer value drivers
Account Management
  • Maintain Account profiles including organization, current relationship, contacts, industry, class, segment etc., Assigned account managers
  • Assigned account managers
  • Contract Details
  • Products offered
  • Transaction History
  • Lead Stage Management
  • Client Interaction logs, total visit frequency
  • Revenue forecasting
Marketing Automation
  • Single, online database for leads generated through campaigns
  • Campaign management, complete with built-in ROI dashboards
  • Capture responses in real time using embedded links
  • Analyze responses by channel/by campaign
  • View closed-loop response tracking from prospect to closure
Activity Management
  • Calendar, Task Management And Scheduling
  • Task calendar with monthly, weekly, daily views.
  • Outlook style calendar printing with appointments
  • Online Alerts on email and mobile
  • Rapid scheduling of customer activities
Sales Targets management
  • Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly target setting for different products/services
  • Automatic distribution of targets
  • Facility to set targets for team/individual sales reps
  • Set targets based on various parameters like number of orders, sales volume, new accounts, collections, customer visits
  • Analyse target V/S achievements
  • Tailored specific to your industry
  • Customize processes specific to your company
  • Change field values
  • Change look and feel of application
  • Customize business rules
Call Center
  • Outbound/Inbound lead management
  • Automatic Lead assignment
  • Status Tracking
Sales Dashboard and reporting
  • Reporting across various sales processes
  • Integrated reporting with graphical analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Built-in report generator engine to provide build, save and share reports
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Rescanned reports based on industry best practices




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